Dog Training Tips and Tricks: What You Need To Know About Grooming

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What could be more amazing than seeing a well-groomed dog as you stroll along the park or walk down the busy streets? I guess, none. Undoubtedly, it's a head-turner and a sight of the delight that leaves you speechless. Just imagine a poodle or a chihuahua with a glossy coat, clean nails and tidy paws - it's indeed one dog worth all the admiration. The same reaction goes when you see a beautiful and spotless dog on TV. In such conditions, you may probably be asking yourself this: how on earth did the pet owner do that? Well, the secret there my friend is proper grooming. Giving your dog a bath or brushing their coat are not the only scope of pet grooming - there's more to it than it seems. Without further ado, here are dog training tips and tricks that includes the important details about grooming that you need to know.  

What’s Involved In Pet Grooming

Did you think that pet grooming starts with bathing your dog and ends with brushing their coat? If you did, then you are wrong. A lot of methods or processes are involved in grooming and experts do it differently. In pampering canine pets, there’s no need to settle for less positive reinforcement techniques are utilised by highly trained professionals to ensure that your dogs will have a comfortable, calm and refreshing experience at the salon. Here are some of the things that you and your canine companion can expect from expert groomers:

  • Effective and painless dead hair and mats removal through good brushing.
  • A safe bathing experience with a spray hose wherein your dog's sensitive areas is carefully washed like the dog's ears, eyes or nose.
  • A gentle shampoo massage, working from head to tail.
  • A thorough rinse off using a spray hose, carefully avoiding the dog’s ears, eyes or nose.
  • Convenient and comfortable dry off with the use of a large towel plus a blow dry with a monitored heat to ensure that your dog will not feel any pain.

Grooming services can vary depending on your choice as well as your dog’s specific needs, characteristics and breed. Rest assured, if you entrust your dog to the expert’s hands, regrets and unfortunate incidents cannot happen.

Clipping vs Trimming: What’s The Difference?

In some instances, people tend to get confused between clipping and trimming. Experts explain that a "trim" refers to the cutting small pieces of hair which are slightly shorter than its usual length. On the other hand, "clip" means shaving your pet's body hair and as well as hair in sanitary areas with the use of clippers.

Pet parents are often confused between clipping and grooming as well when they visit pet salons. To shed a light on this matter, “clipping” is most commonly done to dogs whose hair grows continuously and considered one of the methods of grooming. Furthermore, “grooming” is a general term which refers to the process of providing hygienic care and cleaning to a dog. In terms of tools or items to be used, experts only use trusted brands and manufacturers as well as reputable dog supplies online.

Remember, a well-groomed dog is a happy dog. It is more than just making your dog look and smell good - it also involved processes of making them healthy too. Grooming services also include:

  • Bathing and drying
  • Brushing and combing
  • Coat clipping
  • Nail cutting
  • Parasite control

Note: For dogs with specific skin conditions, bathing may be part of their medical treatment plan as recommended by their vet. Hence, you have to consult with your vet first before you bring your dog to a pet grooming salon for pampering to avoid any irritations or skin conditions to occur.

The Cost Of Pet Grooming

As highly trained groomers render their services, there is a corresponding charge. Grooming costs vary depending on your dog's needs. Aside from that, prices for full-service baths and grooms are based on the pet's weight and breed or fur/hair length.

DIY Dog Grooming

Alright, there are some pet parents who prefer to groom their dogs on their own - it’s not a bad idea, though. In between salon appointments, there are some grooming techniques that you could do on your own which can help you save money and ensure that your fur babies are well-groomed. Aside from making your dogs look and smell great, bathing your dog when needed is an important part of general pet care. It can help you clean the skin and coat in order to effectively remove loose hair, scale and debris as well as maintain a glossy coat.

If you are wondering how often should you bathe your dog, the answer is - bathe your dog when it’s necessary. In as much as you want to, you should avoid bathing your dogs frequently in order to prevent their skin and hair coat from drying as well as avoid any other skin-related problems.

Here’s how to properly groom your beloved fur babies at home:

  1.    Check Your Dog

First, you have to inspect your dog if he has any cuts or wounds, unusual lumps and bumps or skin irritations before bathing. Might as well check for flea or tick infestation and your pet’s overall health.

  1.        Brush

Brush your dog’s coat every couple of days to keep it shiny and soft. Brushing your dog’s coat can also help you identify if there are any fleas or ticks. When brushing, make sure to use a high quality slicker brush. It is ideal for removing shedding hair, as well as detangling any knots when brushed thoroughly into your dog’s coat. You can browse for reliable dog supplies online and look for reviews in order to find the best slicker brush.

  1.         Comb

Comb your dog's coat after you've finished brushing it. Make sure that you're reaching down to the skin to try and eliminate any knots that are beginning to form. For dogs with long coats, you can divide their hair into sections and then comb it. Remember, removing mats before bathing your dog is highly essential to avoid any discomfort.

  1.         Bath

Bathe your dog around every four to six weeks or unless it is necessary. Experts suggest that it is necessary for the dog to bathe when a dog has an unpleasant odour or once they've accumulated dirt/mud on their coat. By doing so, you can prevent your dog's skin from drying. When bathing your dog, it is preferable to use shampoos that work on all types of coat and skin conditions.

  1.         Dry

According to experts, blow drying is not always a good way to dry your dog after a bath. Instead, towel drying is the best method to use especially if his coat is short and the temperature is not too cool. Make sure that when you towel dries your dog, keep the room temperature comfortably warm.

Final Words

Pet grooming is undoubtedly one of the best ways to maintain your dog’s overall well-being. As what they say, well-groomed dogs are happy dogs. As pet parents, make it a habit to take your dogs for regular grooming. It is not just to keep them looking good or smelling good, but it is also an important process for dogs to feel good from the inside. If you are looking for dog grooming items to use at home, just browse for proven effective and reliable dog supplies online. You can ask someone you know for recommendations and check for reviews. It would definitely feel great to walk in the park with your well-groomed and healthy dog!

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