Royal Canin French Bulldog

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Brand: Royal Canin

Publisher: Royal Canin

Details: French Bulldogs are known for their loving, playful nature. They're a sturdy, muscular breed that are said to be great with children and a loyal companion. French Bulldogs are often referred to as "an ideal bundle of muscle and charm"! French Bulldogs have a short, broad snout and their underjaw is deep and turned up. Royal Canin French Bulldog is a complete and balanced formula designed specifically for your adult French Bulldog.Features and BenefitsFrench Bulldogs are a muscular small breed; to maintain ideal muscle mass, the formula contains a specific protein content and the inclusion of L-carnitineBeing such a solid breed, support for the bones and joints is important and as such, this formula is enriched with glucosamine, chondroitin and omega 3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA) from fish oilAs the diet contains highly digestible nutrients and specific prebiotics, your Frenchie will absorb more nutrients in their bowels, producing less flatulence and fewer and less smelly stoolsSpecially shaped kibble to suit the Frenchie's unique jaw, with a sodium polyphosphate coating helps encourage chewing and reduces tartar formation on the teethFeeding Guidelines: Feed a Royal Canin breed specific diet ongoing to your Frenchie from 12 months old.

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